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Medical Alert Devices for Home Use

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Medical Alert Devices for Home Use

Landline Required Enjoy total peace of mind and maintain your independence with a Medical Alert at-home emergency response system! You’ll get protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will get help at the push of a button! The Medical Alert at-home system includes:
  1. A base unit and
  2. An emergency button pendant or bracelet, which you’ll wear
The base unit is ready to use in minutes. You just plug it into an electrical outlet, hook up the phone cord (included) to a phone or phone jack, and turn it on—that’s it!
Added features include:
  • Bracelet or pendant button — 600 foot range from base
  • Waterproof* – wear it in the shower, tub, doing dishes or gardening
  • Large emergency button to push if you need it
  • Amplified, two-way speaker communication—so you know you’ll be heard in an emergency
  • 30+ hours of battery backup—so you’re still protected during a power outage
  • Test mode so you can test your system as often as you want
Interested in a Medical Alert system that protects you wherever you go across the U.S. with GPS technology? Click here to learn more about Medical Alert systems for on-the-go!

*Medical Alert devices and pendants are waterproof under normal use in shower or bath. Not intended to be submerged.