The parent company to the leader in Emergency Medical Alert Systems.

Connect America offers a suite of emergency alert products, catering to the aging population across the United States.

The emergency medical alert systems are strategically designed for easy emergency access for seniors who are often home alone and for seniors who are more active and on the go.

Our emergency medical alert systems offer state of the art GPS technology. The mobile alert technology can track our clients no matter where they are located, 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Connect America’s Suite of Products Include:

For the Home

Personal Emergency Response System

This emergency home system provides protection around the clock with just a push of the pendent or bracelet help button. Sends alerts from almost anywhere in the home. Communication through the 2-way speakerphone base unit enables our emergency operators to send the emergency help needed.

Cellular Based System (CBS)

This system is just like the Personal Emergency Response System except that this system does not require a landline! It still provides the same level of service with around the clock emergency services with just a push of the pendent or bracelet help button.

On the Go

Mobile Elite

The best option yet! With our state of the art GPS technology, Mobile Elite offers Coast-to -Coast protection with emergency assistance and optional fall detection services. The GPS enabled technology will also be able to assist the user even if they do not know their exact location.

CONNECT AMERICA is a leader in the industry for emergency response time–LESS than 30 seconds!

The Automatic Fall Detection System is also available with most of our products.